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How It Works


It is always recommended that you book online, which is a convenient way of booking. But if want to book through your phone, then call at 01293 344 567. You are required to provide the following details in both booking processes.

  • The Departure and Arrival Dates/Times
  • Your Contact Details (e.g. e-mail address)
  • Details of Your Car
  • Payment Method (PayPal / Debit or Credit Card)

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the provided address, once the booking process is completed. This e-mail will contain your contact details and instructions about the meeting point.

Meet and Greet Procedure

Use the phone number provided in the e-mail to call on the given number 25 minutes before your arrival at the meet and greet point. If you running late or early, then you must make this call, so that the staff will be informed about the situation and proper assistance will be provided accordingly.

The uniformed and professional chauffeur will meet you at the pre-decided point. Before proceeding towards handling over the car to him, the chauffeur will provide you essential paperwork and a parking ID for your car. Then you can proceed to the departure lounge for your flight. The chauffeur will park your car in the parking area until you’ll arrive back.

Coming Back From Your Journey / Arrival

When you have arrived at the airport, call on the given number after you have collected the luggage and one of the staff members will dispatch your car from the parking compound and take it to the meeting point.

One thing that you should note that there can be delays because of traffic or other reasons.

Comfortable Service

Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities. The mission is to provide timely and reliable services, so that the customers get full satisfaction. The company aims to save your time, energy and money by offering the best and cost-effective amenities. Get park the cars in the parking area, in order to give peace of mind to the customers from their departure day to the arrival.

Car wash service is also offered with valet parking, so that you can get a clean car on your arrival.